Cable heating system (KNS)- “Gutter and drain heating” is a roof and drain anti-icing system, simple enough for installation with a material full set for icing prevention and ice and snow removal from gutters, drains and roofs.

There is icing appearing on the roof when snow melts with a well-isolated roof(cold roof) or aroof badly isolated roof (warm roof) where the roof heating and snow melting happens at low below freezing temperature.

Icing is the reason of snowmelt run off pipes and drains balling ups, ice blocks and icicles appearing on drop aprons that are to fall down in any time. Cable heating system is no of small importance for people's safety because KNS “Gutter and drain heating” prevents icing and icicles maintaining snowmelt run off pipes unfreeze.

There is no need to remove snow from the roofs, to remove icicles when you use KNS “Gutter and drain heating”. It provides defense from damages and life extension of roof elements, building faces and building constructions and saves your money that you spend on roof and face building's improvements.

“Gutter and drain heating” system can be used on the roofs (with permanent joint – metal roof deck, varying joint – soft roof deck, inclined roof, flat roofs), gutters and in drain cups made of various materials. On the roofs made of different typical roof deck materials such as metal, plastic, wood, pebble, rubber and mastic gum. In the gutters made of typical materials including metal, plastic and wood. In the leader head made of typical materials – metal and plastic.

Typical KNS “Gutter and drain heating” includes the following components:

Heating sections – heating cable of definite building length, connectored and ready for alternating-current network connect with 220W, 50hz capacity.

  • Bending (connector) package, end plug
  • Heating controller with remoted detector
  • Wiring accessories (electric cabinet, GFCI, automatic tripping contactor)
  • Installation boxes (terminal, split)
  • Mounting kit (clips, wire rope, clench, clamps, mounting band, rivits, jack-point screws, rawplugs)

Project planning and cable heating system “Gutter and drain heating” component choosing is individual and depends on roof type, system management type (manual, automatic) and requirements of power consumption system.

LLC “Chuvashteplokabel” specialists will help you to sort out the situation – they will properly design and install KNS “Gutter and drain heating”.