Soil heating in greenhouses by a heating system allows to heat the soil to collect harvest in early spring. Heating cables can be stacked under the bed only. Optimal temperature at the route level depends on plant type and is chosen in the range of +15C to +24C (consult with agriculturist). To gain this optimal soil temperature you need 70-100W/m2 capacity – we recommend to use СН-10, СН-15. The heating cable potential has to be not more 15W/m2 because too high potential can dry plant route system. To reduce heat loss use effective heat insulation not less than 5sm in thickness (better with minimum moisture absorption coefficient). To regulate soil temperature we recommend to use a heating controller with a heating detector.


Installation manual:

  • Firstly, dig a gallery of needed size 55-60sm in depth. The gallery bottom has to be leveled and then stack a heat insulation 5sm in thickness.
  • Put sand 5 sm in thickness.
  • Then stack a coil mesh with 50mm or 100mm bay. Fixation of a heating cable to the mesh is made by plastic bracket or covered conductor piece. The recommended stacking pitch of heating cable is 15 сm.
  • Then put sand 5cm in thickness again.
  • Then stack metal mesh panel with a small bay for heating cable protection from spade and other agricultural implements damages.
  • Rich soil layer is put above sand not less than 30sm in thickness. All installation and network connection of 220W, 50Hz works have to be done as specified by Electrical installation code. For safety consideration, the heating section has to be plugged in with grounding by GFCI.