Animal-breeding heating system

To have optimal temperatures in livestock house and to protect animals from environmental hazard in cold seasons we recommend you to use electric cable heating system “Underfloor heating”. It allows local heating, for example, pigs in farrowing nursery rooms and chicken hatchers. Previously this problem in pig complexes and on farms was solved by using electric bulbs of 250 to 500W capacity. But it didn't often provide surface heating to needed temperatures. There was local overheating and underheating and animals grouped damaging each other.

Nowadays most advanced farms of Russia and Europe solve these problems using cable heating systems “Underfloor heating”. Eco-friendly, safe, economical, heating sections СН that do not require service have long durability that can be compared with full life of buildings. And it's just a small part of this system advantages.

Specialists’ scrutiny says that environment temperature departure from optimal one leads to animal production loss at 15-20% and increases feed consumption at 25-30%. The temperature loss at 1 degree in piggery rooms is accompanied by pig daily gain on 2%.

For quick animal growth it is needed the body temperature not to decline because of cool floors or a room where they are. Pig heating system by “Underfloor heating” is more physically useful and effective. Pigs don't group and don't lie on each other, they place equally under hinged lamps. Keeping ideal temperature conditions on the floor maintains farrowing preservation at 3-5% and mass gain at 4-7%.

Electricity consumption needed to reach the process flow setting floor temperature doesn't pass specified standards and is 1,5-2 times lower than another local heating equipment, that was proved by Belarusian pig farms that used this technology.