• for additional heating
  • requires calculations before installation
* – Approximately price. Final cost is based on Russian Central Bank USD exchange rate in the day of invoicing.

Heating of the rooms with constant people’s presence (apartments, chalets, balconies, saunas, garages, workshops, offices, shops, restaurants)

Rooms that are under moderate and harsh climate conditions.

Stacked into bounded screed up to 6-10mm in thickness.


  • The heating cable
  • The passport of the product (instructions for installation, warranty)
  • Drain hose (for thermal sensor)

(!) The thermostat not included.



Certificate of conformity «Heating sections»

Voluntary fire safety certificate «Heating sections»


  • Warranty 18 years
  • Heating area 0,55 – 0,7 m2
  • Power 95 W
  • Cable length 6,3 m
  • Cable specific capacity 15 W/m
  • Cable type single-core

Technical specification

  • Input voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Outer diameter of the thin heating cable 3,6 mm
  • Heating cable power cord VVGE 1х1,0 (1,5)
  • Power cord length с каждого конца 2,0 m
  • Heating cable isolation CLP
  • First wire screen tinned wire
  • Second wire screen aluminum foil
  • Coat PVC compound of increased heat resistance
  • The surface temperature at external temperature +20°С 60°С
  • Climate category type Boreal climate, disposition category 3 GOST 15150
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