• For roof decks, roof, gutter and drain heating.
  • Inbuilt heating controller with automatic power-off
  • Advanced reliability
  • Package is ready for installation and work just after a purchase.
* – Approximately price. Final cost is based on Russian Central Bank USD exchange rate in the day of invoicing.

Heating cable with inbuilt heating controller for roof deck, roof, gutter and drain heating. Prevents icing, removes snow and ice from the roof, gutters and drains.

For different roof types and materials

  • metal, tile, soft roof deck
  • with permanent and variable joint
  • cold and warm roof
  • inclined and flat roofs
  • gutters, drains, waste funnels

“Gutter and drain heating” system

  • No more need to remove icicles
  • Protects from damage, extend service life of roofs, face buildings and building constructions
  • Saves your money. Reduces bills for roof and face building improvement.


  • Ready to work. The heating system is totally ready for installation and work just after a purchase
  • Auto power-on/off. Inbuilt heating controller switches on heating in the temperature range of -15C to +6. Switches off when the temperature is out of this range.
  • Advanced reliability. Tested twin-cored heating cable with 28W/m2 power potential.
The package:
  • Heating section SNV
  • wire with armored plug
  • joint with inbuilt heating controller

Heating cable construction for roof deck, roof, drain, gutter heating from snow and icing

конструкция греющего кабелья для обогрева кровли, крыши, водостоков, желобов от снега, наледи

  1. Heating core
  2. First insulator (CLP)
  3. Second insulator (thermoplastic elastomer)
  4. Face panel (copper wire)
  5. Coat (PVC plasticate of advanced heat stability



Certificate of conformity «ЕАС СНВ»

Certificate of conformity «ЕАС СНВ»

You have to follow these rules while installing the heating cable:

  • ATTENTION! It is prohibited to shorten a heating section that you received from manufacturer
  • ATTENTION! It is prohibited to plug in unreeled section
  • We recommend not to step on heating cable that is being stacked
  • We recommend you not to subject the cable to stress and stretching: don't span the heating cable strongly; don’t compress and twist cables around axis
  • The lines of the heating cable section mustn't cross and touch each other
  • Don't stack the cable if the temperature is below -5C. There will be difficulties with stacking if the temperature is below -5C because PVS jacket loses its flexibility
  • While stacking the cable in full compliance with planned scheme you have to remember about minimum permissible bore of cable bending (6 gages)
  • You have to stack the cable on clean and flat surface without sharp edges
  • You have to install the defense system (snow barrier) to prevent heating system damage in case of snow cover melting

Heating roof system installation order

  1. Make sure that the package consists of all needed components. Check sheath integrity of a heating cable, wire and extended wire
  2. Specify the cable stacking area on the roof, in the gutter, water leader head, neck gutter and so on.
  3. Specify the stacking method and cable fixing on a heating surface
  4. Install the heating section. The heating cable is placed and fixed without tension
  5. Place the inbuilt heating controller in a shady space – under roof elements. Fix it to load carrying structure by a clip band, laying heat insulation material to prevent temperature effect on a heating controller from the building
  6. After installing of a heating section plug in the system with 220W and 50Hz. The system has to be plugged in grounding-type receptacle with GFCI. Use a plug with waterproof.

For the heating system proper work we NOT RECOMMENDS to place the heating controller in the following places:

  • on the heating parts of gutters and inside drains;
  • above window opens and door ways
  • on the roof deck elements
  • in the places of daylight exposure



Certificate of conformity «ЕАС СНВ»

Certificate of conformity «ЕАС СНВ»