• Heating Mat for electric floor heating
  • Installation: in tile glue or screed
  • Two-core cable: fast installation, uniform heating
  • Increased reliability: 25 – year warranty
* – Approximately price. Final cost is based on Russian Central Bank USD exchange rate in the day of invoicing.

For laying in a tile adhesive of 5-7 mm or a thin screed of 20 mm.

It is possible to lay on top of the old tile during the reconstruction of the floor.

Provides comfort heating additional. Floor coverings: tiles, porcelain tiles, carpet, laminate.

Heating mat MND–150:

  • Twincore cable 150 W/m2: uniform surface heating
  • Three protective element: PVC plastic with increased heat resistance, tinned copper wires, aluminum foil. Increased safety.
  • Shielding elements protect against electric shock and eliminate the danger of electromagnetic radiation.
  • The warranty is 25 years.


  • Fast styling. Ready-made cable layout on the grid.
  • Reliability. MND150 "forgives" installation errors – air voids in the screed, heating under the furniture, local overheating by external heat sources.
  • Convenience. Quick connection to the thermostat from one end, thanks to the double-stranded cable design.
  • Heating mat
  • Passport (warranty - 25 years)
  • Installation and operation guide
  • Tube for thermal sensor

(!) Without thermostat (sold separately)

Cable structure:

  1. Heating cores
  2. Insulation (cross-linked polyethylene)
  3. First screen (tinned copper wires)
  4. Second screen (aluminum-polymer foil)
  5. Shell (PVC plastic with increased heat resistance)



100 best products in Russia 2010

Voluntary fire safety certificate «Heating mats»

Certificate of conformity «Heating mats»

Appendix 1 to the certificate of conformity «Heating mats»

Appendix 2 to the certificate of conformity «Heating mats»

MND mats – The winner of the 2018 Russian brand quality mark of the XXI century


  • Warranty 25 years
  • Heating area 0,5 m2
  • Power 75 W
  • Heat input specific capacity 150 W/m2
  • Cable type twin-core

Technical specification

  • Input voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Outer diameter of the thin heating cable, не more than 4,3 mm
  • Power cord SHVVP 3х0,75
  • Power cord length 2 m
  • Heating cable isolation CLP
  • First wire screen tinned wire
  • Second wire screen aluminum foil
  • Coat PVC compound of increased heat resistance
  • Heating cable coat temperature at +20°С44°С
  • Climate category typeBoreal climate, disposition category 3 GOST 15150
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